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Khoi Khoi is a different steppe animal. He had a body just like the other horses, except for his tail, which was thin and had a tassel at its tip. And his whole front part, his head, neck, and forelegs were striped. It was as if someone had taken a paintbrush and drawn white stripes on his dark-brown hide. The young foal’s big, blue eyes fill with tears when he’s rejected by other colts. Horses in my herd don’t have stripes, Khoi Khoi wonders. Is it only me who looks like this? Am I a mistake? Or, am I special?

Khoi Khoi’s spirit of adventure sends him on a quest. The young colt embarks on an exciting but dangerous expedition, accompanied by a protective eagle. Khoi Khoi matures through unexpected and threatening challenges. He meets animals that share his world view and some who don’t. They include a friendly mountain goat, a regal lioness, deadly jackals, and helpful zebras.

But, will Khoi Khoi ever find himself and return home?

"Its absolutely wonderful, the kids...amazing story, and a

beautiful lesson in it. Highly recommend this book." - C. Crowe