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Khoi Khoi

Writing Contest.

How would you like to make up a story about Khoi Khoi's next adventure?

You can make up new friends for him, or use some of  his friends from Khoi Khoi's first book and take them on a new adventure to exciting and wondrous places.

The best story will be used in Khoi Khoi's next adventure book, and 

you will win a wonderful prize.

Drawing Contest

Draw a picture of Khoi Khoi, or Khoi Khoi's friends and family, anything you want to draw and color and send them to us. We will show your drawing on this website and you may win a prize for first, second or third place


Any media is fine, get creative and show off your skills

You can email or mail your story and/or your your artwork to:

email: LHilbran11@GMAIL.COM or 

Mailing Address: Lyudmylah Hilbran, 1943 SE 32nd Terrace,

Cape Coral, Florida 33904