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The “quagga” is a mammal closely related to modern horses and zebras.

In fact, it looks like a cross between a horse and a zebra, with stripes only on its head and neck that disappear as they approach the brownish hindquarters of the animal. The quagga was native to desert areas of South Africa, until it was hunted to extinction in the 1870s. The last captive animals died

in Europe in the 1880s.

As an extinct species, the quagga has a couple claims to fame. For starters, it was the first animal to have its DNA analyzed, which led to the discovery that the quagga was not a distinct species but a subspecies of the plains zebra. Also, the quagga is the subject of an ambitious breeding effort by the aptly named Quagga Project, the result of which was a foal born in 2005. Based on appearances, the “re-created” quagga closely resembles the ancient quagga, but DNA evidence has yet to determine whether this animal is authentic.

What an amazing animal!